Chapter 1 - Autumn's Arrival


I've spent the last month wandering around in a limbo. The same seems to have been going for the weather. Unable to decide whether to joyfully or down. Not knowing if we were getting rain or sunshine. But now Mother Nature seems to have made up her mind. She has decided to bring us the cold. But don't get me wrong. I love the raining days. Few things are better than a pointless stroll in the pouring rain. Heading towards nothing. Just a walk in the rain. And besides that, I always get very excited as Mother Nature decides to alternate into autumn. As we day by day can see the trees moulting and the changing colors of the forest. Plus the freshly brewed coffee over your autumn campfire is better than any coffee you'll find in any city. Especially with a veil of leaves falling from the treetops.

One thing I already miss those endless summer nights upon the rooftops. The never-ending days with my friends. But fall will bring us new opportunities. Particularly two things get me excited as the autumn-feeling surrounds me. First, let me begin by saying throw the basic Shorts & T-shirts-look back in the closet and start wearing the layering combinations of Shirts, Overshirt, Sweatshirts and Outerwear. The layering style opens up new ways for you to combine colors and pieces for a perfect look. Personally, I love wearing multiple layers and at the moment I prefer a tee, shirt, vest and an overshirt or jacket to top it off. It looks and feels great and I'm able to control my heat.

Second, I have this tradition with some childhood friends of mine where we spend a day in the colorful forest. But it isn't any random forest. As the colors of the leaf's peaks, we go to our hometown and ride our bikes to a nostalgic location called; “Mosehuset”. As we come back the memories from our childhood awakens. The smell of pancakes and hot chocolate. Before we go home, we take a look around the shop, that is filled with food, drinks, slow goods. They have something for everyone but let alone the atmosphere in there is amazing. This is an occasion for us to meet and catch up as we escape into Nature. 

Silence Fleece



Reading Recommendations 

As you prepare for the hibernation in these cold upcoming months, there are a few necessities one must bring. And one of the best ways to slow down at home is by reading. Our analog approach is rapidly disappearing and is being replaced by the digital age. Life is passing us by at the speed of light as we escape into our social media life. In the book “Det, du ikke forstår, gør dig klogere” three big thinkers discuss our modern life and the past & future of humanity. It questions us with comparisons to traditional hunter societies in Siberia and talks of the origin and function of a mirror. This book forces you to think about life and as you think -you slow down. The perfect addition to your slow Sunday.


The Weekly Vibe

So far I've spoken about the joys of the fall and trust me; I love the fall. But fall isn't necessary a time filled with joy and beautiful colors. It's a time where we lose a bit of daylight every day. For I feel energy the moment I see daylight, and I think many people agree. I know that there are many ways to cope with the dark days that comes with the fall. Many people get a little sick and maybe the blue vibes are shadowing over some. I'm not any different. But what I do to cope with this sadness is just accepting it. Or I'm not "just" accepting it. I try to embrace it and capture the atmosphere in musical soundscape. When I start getting that autumn feeling I suddenly also get a desire to open up my Spotify to create the soundscape to go with it. Nothing - and I really mean NOTHING - works better for me than just putting on that playlist and letting the speaker fill my apartment with music suiting my mood. This especially makes my mornings and walks much better and my morning coffee tastes a bit more bitter - but that's fine with me.

I would love to hear your take on this as well. So, if you have any certain ways to cope with the darker days or if you would love to share some perfect songs for the autumn - write me and I will collect your song suggestions in a autumn playlist made for you.

Write in your suggestions at:


Slow Soundscape

Now we have already talked about the need of a solid slow playlist to cope with your moods. And we are many people on our workplace that have a passion for music. Combining this with our philosophy of giving you the tools to slow down, we have created our "Slow Soundscape". This is a way for us to help you create the best atmosphere possible for your slow journeys. Our slow soundscape can be used as you lay in bed writing stories, escape the city to slow down at your cabin or as set out to explore the hidden gems scattered around the city. In every slow post we will highlight certain songs or playlists to give you the inspiration to slow down. Sounds reminding you of childhood adventures creating the loud silence. In this first chapter, we will let you explore the songs, and in the weeks to come we will introduce our picks for your Slow Soundscape. Join our universe. Slow down & go offline.




The Hidden Gem

Here at forét we value the feeling of exploring. Not only the Nordic landscape, but also the people creating the beautiful locations or destinations in this world. People with a burning passion for thing. Though some of these locations are known to the public, some of them are not. And we would love to share these hidden gems with you. As you stroll around the streets of Copenhagen you can find a lovely boutique called; Frama Studio Store. This many of you possibly know about, but for those of you that don't. It’s a beautiful aesthetic design brand that focus on the mindful living – which goes great with our passion for slow living. But even though the store itself is dreamy, that is not the hidden gem. Because, as you wander through the store looking for the next design pearls for your home, you’ll suddenly find, that this is not only a studio store. It is also Apotek 57. The lovely little eatery for you and your close one. The name is inspired by the address which earlier housed the historic St. Pauls Apotek from 1878. Because of this historic location, something awakens inside you. That nostalgic feeling from a time, which you weren't even born. The food and drinks are curated by the lovely chef Chiara Barla in the aesthetic settings for your enjoyment. The food is simple with seasonal ingredients in the highest quality possible, and it doesn't matter if your stopping by for a coffee and a look or the full meal. This is definitely a place to visit if you are a design enthusiast that appreciates slow goods, quality food and aesthetic experiences. Or just person enjoying the slow quality journeys. 

' @apotek_57 

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Five Slow with Martinthemeat

I am very pleased to welcome Martin as our first guest of the segment "Five Slow with...". Martin is a creative soul with a passion and talent for writing and photographing - you might know him better as Martinthemeat. He is co-founder of the former cultural news site; themeat, where he spoiled us with writings about culture, fashion, art and whatever moved the creative thinkers. Besides his work as a writer and photographer, he is also a husband and a father of two kids, but with a lot going on he is still able to share the aesthetic and minimalistic pictures of the cultural things moving in his personal life on his Instagram @Martinthemeat.

Since being a father and keeping up to date with everything in the world can take a lot of your time, we've decided to ask Martin a few questions concerning the concept of slowing down.

How do you feel about slow living?

"For me slow living is taking the time to do the things that mean something to you. I have tried to arrange my everyday life in a way that gives me time to brew a nice cup of coffee, read the magazines or articles I feel like, but most importantly; spending time with my wife and kids without stressing about my everyday life or work."

What is your ideal slow Sunday?

"My ideal slow Sunday is waking up in our cabin – usually I’m the early riser – getting out of bed to make a cup of tea served in bed for my wife. After that a small retreat back to the bed to get a hold on the news from my phone. Then it’s 20 minutes of yoga (I’m getting old and my back is killing me if I’m not doing anything). The yoga usually wakes up the kids and they come out of their beds complaining about the annoying “hippie music” that plays along with the yoga. Last, I make breakfast for all four of us and we will talk about the plans for the rest of the day. That sounds like a good slow Sunday to me."

What is your favorite item in your apartment?

"My best buy is probably my PlayStation. I played a lot when I was younger and after many years of not playing, I find it liberating to meet my old friends online for a couple of hours of Warzone while our yelling keeps our families awake. Besides that, I really like my Hario V60 and our big FDB dining table that we bought for our cabin."

Your everyday morning routine?

"My everyday morning routine is relatively firm and boring. I get up early to make a cup of tea for my wife, wake up the kids and pack their lunches. Afterwards I make my own breakfast ( my everyday mornings always start with a smoothie from banana, blueberries, oats, protein powder and milk – I’ve been eating this the last 5-6 year and it never gets boring). Then the kids get sent off to school and I’m brewing the first coffee of the day and starts working."

Do you have a hidden gem to share?

"In my opinion hidden gems are not hidden anymore since everybody is always posting everything on their social media accounts – and most definitely including myself as well. But in the last couple of years I have found two pretty amazing places. One is a Bed & Breakfast in Southern France called “Ferme le Pavillion”. It’s a fantastic location owned by a danish couple. The décor is amazing and one of the owners is also the head of the kitchen and every morning and evening you’ll get the most wonderful servings. The other place is a hotel in Prague called BoHo – it is without doubt the coolest hotel I’ve stayed on. I'm not that into Prague but the hotel was incredibly amazing."




Until next time

As Covid-19 is still roaming around the world remember to spoil yourself by supporting the business. Buy that shirt you've been thinking about. Take your dear one out for a dinner. Grab a coffee and a walk with a friend. But remember to stay safe.

We hope you enjoyed this first chapter of Slow Post. If you're looking for long lasting & slow goods apparel, look around the website and explore our newest collection - Campfire Club. Slow down - Go offline.